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Do I have enough space for the appliance?

As you're shopping for a new appliance, ensure it fits your space. Measure height, depth, and width, but also consider door opening, hinge side clearance, ventilation, cleaning space, and the ability to move the appliance through doorways and hallways.

  1. Measure the height (top to bottom), width (left to right) and depth (front to back) of the location space.

  2. Measure the space at the narrowest point (take note of molding and base boards).

  3. Measure the space needed for the appliance(s) door to open.

  4. Some appliances need additional space for hinges, door opening, or ventilation (air clearance).

  5. Always measure twice!    


Are You Delivery Ready?

Ensure your appliance can fit through your home to its final location. Clear all obstructions from the entryway to the installation site.

Do you have pets? 

Pets are required to be kept in another room during delivery. We are not responsible for the livelyhood of your pet(s).


Do you have a screen or storm door?


Measure from the narrowest point. Consider the hinge, door thickness, and even door handle can make the entry narrower. Fees apply.


Is there a clear pathway through house?


Prior to delivery remove rugs, furniture, clutter. We are not responsible for damages and moving clutter out of the way. You will be rescheduled if pathway is not clear. Fees apply.


Are there interior doorways, stair rails, other tight spaces inside your home?

Measure from the narrowest point. Additional fees will apply if more work is required to move the appliance to the final spot.

What happens if my appliance doesn't fit?

  • It is the customer's full responsibility to confirm the new appliance fits into the space.

  • Refunds apply to appliances returned within 48 hours minus Delivery Service fees. All Delivery Service fees are Non-Refundable.

  • Refund/Exchanges that include free delivery, the standard mileage fees will be deducted.

  • Customer is responsible for making arrangements to have the item sent back to the store in same condition when purchased. Fees apply to additional damages.

  • After the items are received, the refund will be issued by check.

  • Customers are responsible for any fees that may occur during the return which includes and not limited to: door removal, haul away, stairs, etc.

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